Septic Tank Overflow Cleanup

Your septic system is a collection of various parts working hard to make your home or work property a cleaner place. The septic tank, for example, is where all the wastewater is pumped and it gets fresh with clean water to transform it into clean water again.

The septic tank filters the sludge and debris from the water, separating it from any of the solid particles. The filter will continue to work until it becomes overwhelmed with things that shouldn’t be there, such as excessive fiber from cloths, which can cause a flood.

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Professional Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tanks should be cleaned at least once a year to avoid future septic tank failure. What does septic venting have to do with that? Check out this post and why it’s so important.

More about Sewage Cleanup

It’s well-known that the majority of people don’t realize there is a problem until the septic tank starts acting up. If your property is experiencing flood damage or other interior damage related to a septic tank, contact our restoration team at Reliable Water Restoration for help.

Common Signs of Septic Tank Failure

  • Slow Drains — When a septic system fails, it can create slower draining time for sinks and bath tubs. If you notice that water is not draining quickly enough when taking a bath or washing the dishes, it could be an indicator of your septic tank failing.
  • Bad Odors — When sludge and waste build up in your tank, it can cause problems in the future. When you start to notice foul odors near your home or business, that might mean your tank is close to failing.
  • Health of Grass Near Drain Field — A septic tank is connected to a drainage system, which can either distribute more of the water onto your lawn or send it somewhere else. If the lawn next to your septic tank is looking more than usually healthy, this could mean that you’re having issues with your drainage system.
  • Water Puddles — Be sure to keep an eye out for unusual puddles of water in your yard- the potential causes may vary depending on the type. For example, if your septic tank is too full it can cause wastewater to leak into other areas of your property.

Our Trained Technicians Are Here to Help

If you notice these symptoms, you may be able to treat septic tank failure by doing basic plumbing repairs before we would need to get involved.

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We can clean up septic tank flooding safely and effectively. Count on our expertise to help you return your property to its original condition after it’s flooded by wastewater overflow.

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