Bellvue neighborhood in Fort Collins

Bellvue is a rural neighborhood in the city of Fort Collins in the state of Colorado.

While living in a country where one out of every four children lives in poverty, the Bellvue neighborhood stands out as being classified among the neighborhoods with the lowest 0.0 percent of children living in poverty worldwide.

Looking for a place to live where you can ride your bicycle to work every day? Look no further than this unique community. The Bellvue area boasts more bicycle commuters than 97.3 percent of all neighborhoods in the United States, thanks to a 4.7 percent share of residents who ride their bicycles to and from work on a regular basis.

Is it true that the Bellvue area has more people of Slovak and French descent residing there than any other neighborhood in America? Yes, this is correct! In actuality, Slovak heritage is represented by 1.3 percent of the neighborhood’s people, while French ancestry represents 7.1 percent.

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The English language is the most commonly spoken language in the Bellvue area, with 95.8 percent of households speaking it.

Locals in Fort Collins’ Bellvue area most typically identify their ethnicity or heritage as German, according to a survey conducted in 2015. (21.0 percent ). There are also a significant number of persons with Irish ancestry (17.1 percent), as well as residents with English ancestry (16.2 percent), and some of the population are also of French heritage (7.1 percent), as well as some residents with Italian ancestry (6.7 percent).

Even though your neighborhood is walkable, it is possible that you will need to drive to your place of employment. Some communities are situated in such a way that most inhabitants can commute to work in a matter of minutes, whereas others are situated in such a way that the majority of residents must endure a long and hard commute.

It is estimated that the majority of commuters in the Bellvue area spend between 15 and 30 minutes commuting one way to work (46.7 percent of working residents), which is significantly shorter than the average time spent commuting to work in the United States.

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To commute to work, the vast majority of residents (83.0 percent) rely on their own personal automobile. In addition, a significant number of people commute to work with coworkers, friends, or neighbors (9.2 percent) to save money. Many inhabitants in this neighborhood, as well as in much of the rest of the country, find having a car useful for getting to and from work.

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