Water Damage Restoration in Lakewood

5% of homes have water damage every year – that’s a lot of people. Unlike commercial or industrial buildings, homes are less likely to have any water damage in a given year. Once it’s in contact with a surface, water can lead to major damages in no time at all.

Certified structural drying services can turn a devastating loss into a minor inconvenience. Our technicians are trained to minimize water damage quickly and efficiently.

When comparing us to other restoration services on the market, you’ll find that we are fast, friendly, affordable, and can save your home from future water damage.

We offer a range of services for any water damage you need. We can extract water or remove moisture, vacuum up spills, and more! Click here to explore the signs of water damage and what we can do for you.

Water Damage: Signs and Symptoms

Along with flooding, water damage can result from a leak in your plumbing system, roofline malfunction, or high moisture levels.

Signs and symptoms of water damage:

  • Flowing water
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Unusual odors
  • Water stains or visible mold growth

One of the most common signs of water damage is water coming out of your building. The cause can be a burst water line, backed-up drain line, or several other things.

Please contact emergency services immediately to fix the issue. If not, the foundation will start to crack and other serious consequences will arise.

The water pressure in your home may be lower than it should be, which could lead to a problem with the plumbing on your property. Contact a plumber to have them check things out for you.

Mold is more common near water and can have a musty or earthy smell. If you notice strange smells coming from your building, take some time to investigate where the problem may be coming from.

Water stains and mold are key signs that there is too much moisture, which could lead to dampness or have health risks. Look for dark brown stains on your floor, walls, or ceiling.

It’s easier to see stains in a space made up mainly of drywall and where water spots can be seen. However, we also recommend using it in spaces with tile and wood surfaces.

We are the best at finding water damage. If you’re not sure if your house is okay, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to inspect it to see if there are any hidden leaks.

Reliable Water Restoration Services

Water damage is a common issue, and it needs to be handled as soon as possible. We provide a range of services to deal with the problem, from containing the damage to restoring your property. Additionally, we have products available for both residential and commercial use.

  • Carpet drying
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Wall drying
  • Hardwood drying
  • Mold remediation
  • Cabinet drying

We dry all the water and moisture on carpets and keep mold away so you can rest easy. We focus not only on the visible stains but any hidden places water may contribute to mold growth.

We use advanced techniques to clean your carpet. This not only ensures the best cleaning possible, but it can also help you avoid long-term consequences for your home or business property.

To make sure any problems are dealt with promptly, it’s important to act as soon as you notice something is wrong. For example, if your septic tank or drain backs up or leaks, call an expert to help

We can come over to take care of any emergencies or repairs, which will save you time and effort! We can also clear any damaged materials.

When you’re choosing a company to do cleaning, it’s essential that you choose a company that is experienced with various surfaces. Not doing your research can lead to bad results and future issues with your property.

We can restore your building against water damage and provide you with the materials you need to avoid potential water hazards.

Mold can affect your health, depending on how toxic it is and where it’s located in the environment. Choose a company that specializes in removing mold to improve your indoor air quality and safety today

Excessive moisture in the form of water build-up in a building’s interior over a long period of time is one of the leading causes of mold that can lead to significant problems with your building. That’s why we offer complete restoration services that include our Mold & Water Damage Removal Lakewood team.

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