Water Damage Restoration

Water is a destructive force. It breaks things down and sends out all that time and effort you put into them. To prevent water from leaking in, make sure you fix any cracks or crevices to make sure it’s sealed

If water extraction, decontamination and drying are not performed, negative consequences can occur. This can lead to structural damage as well as various health hazards.

It’s always wise to take any type of water ingress seriously, and have a plan in place for water damage restoration if your home or business did get affected.

This is a serious thing that requires prompt action, so you need to act quickly. It’s important to act within the first 48 hours of noticing any water damage to reduce the longer term effects on your property.

Water Damage Mitigation

Water damage can happen at any time, whether it’s due to a water pipe burst or someone damaging your property. Make sure you get help by contacting a professional water damage mitigation company.

Drying and cleaning your property isn’t the only thing to do after it has been hit by water. You should think of decontamination & treating any porous objects (such as carpet or drywall) that retain water.

Leaving your carpet wet could cause bacteria to enhance and potentially jeopardize your living conditions.

Just as we’ve been restoring water damage property for over 70 years, we know how important a quick response is and a successful plan to fix it.

Our water damage restoration process will evaluate three criteria to determine the course of action. In order for us to determine the best course of action, we’ll be looking at:

  • Degree of contamination
  • Amount of property damage
  • Restoration costs vs replacement costs

You can find out how much time it’ll take to finish water restoration on our website, as it varies for different reasons. You can also explore our pages on water extraction / drying and flood / fire damage.

Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Get in touch today for water damage restoration after water ingress. It’s important to carry out this process swiftly and efficiently, it can save a lot of negative consequences later down the line.

The threat of standing water becoming more harmful to the environment increases the longer it is left untreated. It would be best if actions were taken right away.

Leaving water to sit can lead to microbial growth and damage to contents. This is why it’s important that water mitigation services are considered when restoring after any water incident.

It is important to reduce the risk of additional damage before Reliable Water Restoration even arrives. One step you can take is to avoid walking on wet carpets and floors as much as possible.

Flood Water Cleanup

The best way to clean up water is to remove as much of it from the affected area as soon as possible. This will limit the extent of any potential damages and make it easier for professionals, such as water cleanup services, to come in and tackle the aftermath without having to worry about the next big rainfall coming along.

It’s critical that you work with a local company for your flood cleanup needs. Floods pose unique threats to our homes – ones that are more commonly found following leaky water pipes or flooding within the attic.

Flood water can be an undesirable place for humans to swim, but can also carry diseases that may cause you serious harm. Flood water could contaminate the structural integrity of your property, meaning it’s better to stay cautious.

Every minute you wait for cleanup services will make the problem worse. Trust us, the longer you wait, the more severely damaged it will be.

No matter what the extent of a flood may be, professional water cleanup services can make an impressive difference and contribute to saving personal property and more.

How Do You Stop Mold From Growing?

The time for mold growth is counted in hours. To avoid mold, you should call a water damage contractor quickly after getting water damage.

Moisture is the single most important factor for mold growth. If you address water damage as soon as it happens, proper drying can take place and drastically decrease the chances of any mold beginning to grow.

Mold can be dangerous, but it doesn’t happen often. It’s important to make sure mold is treated quickly to avoid any health issues.

To learn more about water damage and how we can help you save your business or home as quickly as possible, head to our Water Extraction and Drying Recovery Services page.

Water damage is a very serious threat to your property and can lead to big repair or replacement costs. If you suspect that your property has water damage then it’s important that you act fast to find out the cause.

Reliable Water Restoration is able to help you with water damage restoration and recovery. Once the job is complete, we’ll do everything we can to make sure your business or home isn’t too damaged.

Our list of Water Damage Restoration Services:

  • Flood Damage
  • Roof Damage & Leak Clean-up
  • Residential Flooded Basement
  • Carpet Restoration
  • Commercial Rising Water Clean-ups
  • Water Extraction & Water Removal Service
  • Appliance Leaks
  • Content and Document Drying
  • Leak Detection Recovery
  • Pipe Burst Repair
  • Flood Preparedness
  • Water Extraction Drying

Our other service areas include:

Fort Collins, Ashburn, Lakewood, The Colony, Arlington, Eden Prairie, Leesburg