S County Rd 7 / E Harmony Rd

In the city of Fort Collins, Colorado, the neighborhood of S County Rd 7 / E Harmony Rd is a suburban community.

If you enjoy the look and feel of new houses and freshly constructed neighborhoods, you will enjoy the S County Rd 7 / E Harmony Rd community in North Carolina. One hundred and eighty-eight percent of the homes and other residential real estates in this area were built after 1999, which is a larger proportion of new homes than you’ll find in 99.5 percent of the neighborhoods in the United States.

Everything about this place feels brand new. It’s true that the concentration of newer residences in this area is so high that they fully dominate the surrounding scenery. Residential real estate in most areas is constructed throughout a range of time periods, however, in this neighborhood, the majority of the housing was constructed between 2000 and the present.

One unique feature of the S County Rd 7 / E Harmony Rd area is that it has a higher concentration of incarcerated persons than 99.2 percent of other neighborhoods in the United States, which is rather remarkable. The United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world, with one out of every 100 adults in the country now serving time in prison as a result of crimes they have committed.

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In this neighborhood, the extraordinarily high imprisonment rate could indicate that a prison, juvenile detention facility, or other correctional facility occupies a significant area of the neighborhood, or that a significant fraction of the neighborhood’s population resides in a correctional facility.

In the S County Rd 7 / E Harmony Rd area, 2.0 percent of employed workers are actively serving in the military, making this neighborhood unique in that it has a higher proportion of persons in the military than 97.3 percent of other neighborhoods in the United States. This is a significant influence on the culture and character of the area.

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Is it true that the S County Rd 7 / E Harmony Rd area has more people of Czech, Slovak, and Danish descent residing there than almost any other neighborhood in America? Yes, this is correct! In actuality, Czechoslovakian heritage is represented by 0.7 percent of the neighborhood’s people, and Danish ancestry is represented by 2.0 percent.

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