Document and Data Recovery

Electrical equipment is vital for the work and life of businesses. When a natural disaster like fire or flooding occurs, it needs to be restored before anything else.

Getting your electronics wet usually isn’t great as they can short circuit and stop working. To dry them you could use a hairdryer; for more stubborn residue, it might be worth getting a professional to take care of it for you.

Reliable Water Restoration’s trained technicians can quickly assist with data recovery and restoration of your electronic equipment. That way damage won’t significantly affect you or your business.

Our commercial disaster recovery company has 65+ years of experience assisting various businesses with recovering from all sorts of disasters.

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We know the finer details of document and data restoration; we have advanced tools and experts to make sure they’re in their pre-damaged state again.

What Do We Recover?

We recover a diverse range of items, each with its own specific processes. Our expert team has experience in handling every item on your property, so you can rest assured that no detail is overlooked. Common items we recover are:

  • A wide range of media, including archives, hard drives, books, papers and journals
  • Artwork and pictures
  • Critical devices such as digital video recorders, security cameras, televisions, and other appliances
  • Computers & other electronics

We can dry your document, remove mold or microorganisms, and duplicate it.

At Reliable Water Restoration, we make sure data is protected with us. We work hard to ensure your data gets back safely without any lost files, sensitive information, or confidential records.

Preservation Is Our Top Priority

We understand how important it is to keep your business data safe and secure so we do everything we can to prepare for disaster.

There may be digital copies of customer records and other important data on a hard drive somewhere in your place of business—and those records are all highly vulnerable to being wiped out by fire or water damage.

Leave it to our experts to take your data recovery needs seriously. We have the technology and expertise to efficiently extract data from any type of failure or disaster. And we’re here around the clock, ready to help end-users, consumers, enterprises-anyone with a need.

Our Electronics Restoration & Data Recovery Process

We specialize in repairing water-logged equipment following an emergency. Water-damaged machinery, computers, or whatever you have can be returned to its former glory with cutting-edge technology.

These items are likely to be damaged when water floods your house, but they can also suffer from damage caused by fire suppression efforts. They include your own sprinklers or help from your local fire department.

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You should take steps to dry these items out and address any moisture problems that may have occurred. Not only will this prevent corrosion and long-term damage, but it will also reduce the risk of injury caused by working on wet components.

If water damage has swept contaminants in with it, or soot from a fire has corroded electronics & appliances, they must be thoroughly cleaned before use. This prevents corrosion to destroy the machine/appliance while under warranty and saves you time and money!

When a substance has a high pH, it can be especially bad for metal, leading to corrosion and other problems. That’s why we make sure to carefully clean your electronics during our service – to prevent them from being damaged.

The Dangers of Water Damage to Electronics

Water damage is a major problem for certain computers and hard drives. It’s not enough to replace them and put them back into use.

You need to know that your data is secure, which is why our data restoration services include copying your data onto new hardware. You can be confident that all of your information will remain safe.

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