Sewage Backup Cleanup

Storms, tree roots, and debris can lead to serious damage to your sewer system. This can cause problems like clogged drains or flooding which might leave you with a real mess.

We, at Reliable Water Restoration, are experts at sewage cleanup and restoration. Untreated sewage can both cause structural problems and pose a health hazard over time. On the other hand, our team’s expertise in this area will leave your home looking just like it used to.

Our trained and state-certified technicians know how to quickly and efficiently clean up your home and make it safe for everyone who lives there.

The Causes and Dangers of Sewage Backup

Sewer problems can be the absolute worst and the health risks they cause are some of the most serious imaginable. To help prevent sewage backup, it’s important to understand how plumbing systems work.

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The sewage system is composed of many intricate parts that are all designed to complement each other to make your life easier. However, external forces, poor installation, and other emergencies can put undue stress on your sewer lines, causing them to break and flood your property.

Common Reasons for Sewage Backup:

  • Collapsing or broken or sewer lines
  • Clogged drains can cause sewer lines to backup.
  • There are reports of tree roots breaking sewage pipes.
  • Flooding is a threat to any sewer system because it can lead to sewage overflow.

The Dangers of Sewage Backup

A sewer backup is such a risk because the polluted water can carry bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella, and Acanthamoeba. These may cause serious side effects if not addressed quickly.

Our sewage backup experts know that you need your property to be restored right away – no matter what time of day or night it is. And while some companies may use more ‘traditional’ methods, we use green-friendly solutions that are effective while also being kind to the environment.

Our Restoration Process for Sewage Backup

We’ve got expert water damage specialists staffed 24/7. They survey the property, talk to you about your concerns, and explore all of the ways in which we can help.

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Our specialized team can handle sewage backups and return your property to its original condition. They adhere to strict safety guidelines and we’re happy to provide clearance from local inspectors.

Our sewage backup clean-up services include: 

  • We take inventory of what’s been impacted
  • We dry the property of excessive moisture
  • Treat the property with antimicrobials
  • We clean the property thoroughly.

Restoring What Matters Most

Sewage backups can lead to contamination and to health risks. That’s why we need to act quickly and restore your property back to the way it was.

We’re committed to providing you with exceptional service and assistance.

We also can help in other cities