Appliance Leaks

No appliance works under tougher conditions than your water heater. When it breaks down and starts leaking, the damage it causes to your home can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Reliable Water Restoration has been providing dependable water damage restoration solutions. Whether it be from a leaky appliance or a disaster, we can help you.

Following a water heater leak, we are here to get your home dried out and your property restored to its original state.

There is no easy way to determine if your appliance is leaking; it often takes time for any leaks to show up. This means that the longer you go without fixing the leak, the greater the damage may be.

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That’s why it’s very important that you have a reliable team that can quickly assess and repair any water damages in your home. In fact, customers tell us that not having this service would be worse than having the damage.

Common Reason Why Water Heaters Fail

The use of the water tank accumulates on the bottom which can corrode the tank’s liner and heater.

When the corroded bottom of a tank fails without warning, the water already in the tank and the continuously fed cold-water supply create an instantaneous deluge.

This water will continue to flow throughout your home if not stopped.

Signs of water heater failure include:

  • A hissing or whistling sound
  • Water accumulation beneath the heater
  • Chronic hot water shortage

Get these water heater tips and prevent a loss:

  • The installation of water heaters should be inspected regularly.
  • Install a drain, such as a catch pan with a drain connected to it and put it near the water source. If you have any other ideas on how to get rid of the excess water, that should work too.
  • Check all the controls near your water heater and make sure you identify the location of the automatic shut off valve (ASOV) before an emergency
  • Have you considered installing a water alarm in your house? These alarms come from several manufacturers, and they work by simply being plugged in to have it detect any leaks of pipes or tanks of water.
  • If you’re looking for a sleeker alternative to traditional tankless water heaters, then you should explore the possibility of getting a storage-free model. This type of water heater heats water when it’s called for because there is no container to store the hot water in.
  • Wrapping the tank in insulation will help lower your energy costs and reduce the risk of temperatures changing by much. This will limit how much wear the tank goes through.

Find Help With The Experts

We’re not only going to fix the problem promptly, but we’ll investigate the initial reason for what caused the damage to occur. With years of experience and an ongoing commitment to learning new techniques and technologies, you can rest easy knowing your property is in excellent hands.

We’re an advisory agency that’s here to help when it matters most. We’re always there for you, 24/7. If anything goes wrong, contact our team of advisors and we’ll take care of the issue.

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