Residential Flooded Basement

When water leaks or floods, one of the areas that are likely to flood first are basements. This is because they are the lowest point in a home. Reliable Water Restoration can be onsite within 2-4 hours to help.

With a rapid response, water intrusion problems in gardens and bathrooms can be resolved. The damage can often be reversed in time for home repairs to be carried out.

When the ground becomes oversaturated due to excessive rain or snowmelt, water can push against a building’s foundation. This is known as hydrostatic pressure. When the moisture outside of a structure’s walls exceeds the pressure inside its walls, water will naturally flow from higher to lower pressure areas.

Getting You Back to Normal

We have your back when it comes to handling a flooded basement, so you can get back to normal without having to worry about anything. We understand this is a stressful time and will provide you with clear updates on where we are in the process.

Here’s how we get your home back to normal:

  • We use proprietary products exclusively developed by our company, Reliable Water Restoration.
  • We efficiently and quickly remove water so it can’t damage your property and create problems with mold, mildew, or other secondary water issues.
  • We bring in dehumidifiers to remove the moisture and let fresh air circulate.
  • Once the area is completely dry, we will clean it and then disinfect it to make sure that mold doesn’t grow in the future.
  • This is just a quick overview of what we do and how we work with you. We’ll send you more information by email if we’re able to help.

Let Us Help to Take the Stress Off Your Shoulders

A flooded basement can be one of the most destructive, as well as emotionally stressful events to go through.

We’re a water-damage repair company and we understand how you might be feeling when this has happened to you. We work quickly and efficiently so that when we leave, your home will be back in order

Reliable Water Restoration has 65+ years of experience, is the go-to advisor in our industry, and is ranked 1 by customers among all national providers.

We offer comprehensive home restoration, with many years of combined experience. From water damage cleaning to broken windows, we’ve seen it all & are here to help restore your home back to normal.

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