Water Extraction & Water Removal Service

If your property has taken on too much water because of a burst pipe, roof leak, flooding, or natural disaster then we’re here to help. Not only will we remove the water but also, remove the residual moisture and restore it for a final touch-up to make it look as good as new. With over 15 years experience in the restoration industry, you can be sure

Our 24/7 specialists are here to help you get your home or business dry and prevent further water damage. We can customize an effective solution for you, or work quickly and efficiently to remove excess moisture from the area.

Why You Want a Professional Water Removal & Water Extraction Service

Untreated water can lead to severe structural damage, mold growth, and other hazards. To mitigate the damage from a water loss, the most crucial step in repairing your property is proper water extraction.

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Our techs are experienced and certified, with all the tools you need to dry out your water-damaged property. We want to do everything we can to make this go as smoothly as possible – follow our instructions carefully.

What Our Customer-Centric Water Extraction & Water Removal Service Looks Like:

  • We specialize in moving and securing the belongings at your office. We work to limit any potential secondary damage during the move and we offer 24/7 support to help you prepare.
  • We use a range of equipment, such as a wet vacuum & pump, industrial fan, and air mover so we can dry all indoor surfaces and flooring.
  • We pull up the carpet, down padding, and throw rugs to dry the floorboards. This usually helps by salvaging what we can.
  • We assess the water damage and inform you of what we found. Sometimes we can dry out the area and save as much of your property as possible.
  • Our team regularly cleans and dehumidifies your property to prevent mold growth.

Call Us Today for Professional Water Extraction & Removal Service

If your property has suffered an emergency water loss, please give us a call right away. We offer 24-hour service and respond promptly to urgent or serious leaks.

We know what to do because we’ve restored carpets, clothes, and homes too. You can trust us to take care of your property like our own.

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