The Gardens on Spring Creek

The Gardens on Spring Creek is located in Fort Collins and occupies 18 acres (72,843 m2). The entrance is at 2145 Centre Avenue in Fort Collins.

The Gardens is a 501(c) non-profit. The City of Fort Collins co-owns and helps manage the property, while a volunteer board works with the City on behalf of The Gardens.

The push for a community horticulture center in Fort Collins started as early as 1986 when residents began to vocalize their needs for such an establishment. However, the city of Fort Collins started discussing it more seriously in 1995 and initiated a horticulture program.

The visitor centre was completed in 2004, with the site opening the same year. Groundbreaking for the 5-acre expansion of garden spaces happened in 2017.

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The expansion lasted two years and added 5 new gardens: Undaunted, Theme (Plant Select, Fragrance, Rose, Moon, Hummingbird & Butterfly), Great Lawn / Everitt Pavilion, Foothills & Prairie Gardens.

The project doubled the size of the visitor center and added an all-glass butterfly house that is operated in partnership with the Butterfly Pavilion of Westminster, CO.

The Gardens on Spring Creek, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, is the community botanic garden. The 18-acre site opened in 2004 as a partnership between The City of Fort Collins and Friends of the Gardens on Spring Creek.

The mission of Garden is to provide underserved communities with access to delicious, healthy food and enrich their lives through gardening & horticulture education.

The Gardens just re-opened after the addition of 5 acres of gardens, a new permanent Butterfly House and renovated Visitor’s Center and Gift Shop. The rates to enter apply.

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The Gardens on Spring Creek spans 18 acres, sheltering 10 gardens that include the Prairie Garden, which grows native prairie plants; the Rock Garden, which replicates The Rockies; and the Fragrance Garden that allows visitors to experience the scents of flowers.

There is also a Children’s Garden here, with hands-on activities and play areas. As well as a pavilion where different kinds of events take place, such as exhibitions or concerts. On top of that there’s also the Butterfly House where 300 free-flying butterflies and moths are living.

The garden routinely hosts lots of events – workshops, date nights, and holiday festivities for Halloween and Christmas.

The gardens provide a serene and inviting environment to host events, whether it’s a business meeting or a birthday party.

Outdoor Garden Rentals are available from May to September from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Evelyn Clark Classroom can hold 35 seated guests in classrooms style or 45 seated guests with chairs only.

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