W Mulberry St / S Taft Hill Rd

In Fort Collins, Colorado, W Mulberry St / S Taft Hill Rd is a suburban area that is home to a number of families.

A remarkable 22.2 percent of the people of the W Mulberry St / S Taft Hill Rd area are now enrolled in college, according to the most recent data available. This is such a significant aspect of life in this neighborhood that the neighborhood changes dramatically with the change of semesters and is significantly calmer during the summer months when most students are away.

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The W Mulberry St / S Taft Hill Rd area has more people of Swiss and Welsh descent residing there than almost any other neighborhood in the United States. In reality, 2.3 percent of the population of this neighborhood are descended from Swiss ancestors, and 2.6 percent are descended from Welsh ancestors.

The intersection of W Mulberry St and S Taft Hill Rd is particularly noteworthy linguistically. The majority of its citizens aged five and up speak Italian at home, with 11.4 percent of those aged five and up speaking predominantly Italian. While this may appear to be a small number, it is higher than the rate of 98.3 percent of neighborhoods in the United States.

Because the residents of the W Mulberry St / S Taft Hill Rd neighborhood in Fort Collins are lower-middle income, the neighborhood is considered to be below average in terms of income. According to research, this community has a lower income than 78.4 percent of all neighborhoods in the United States.

As a result, 9.3 percent of the children seventeen and under who live in this area are living below the federal poverty line, which is a lower percentage of childhood poverty than the rate seen in 59.4 percent of all neighborhoods in the United States.

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If a community is dominated by enlisted military men rather than people who make their income from farming, the atmosphere is drastically different. It is also different if the majority of the neighbors are in the clerical or management fields. That there are so many different types of communities is excellent; you may choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and objectives from among them.

In the W Mulberry St / S Taft Hill Rd neighborhood, executive, managerial, and professional jobs account for 44.9 percent of the working population, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Sales and service positions, ranging from major sales accounts to working in fast-food restaurants, are the second most important occupational category in this neighborhood, with 32.2 percent of the population employed in this field of employment.

Workers in manufacturing and laborer occupations account for 13.8% of total employment, with clerical, assistant, and technical support jobs accounting for 8.7% of total employment.

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